Loan Selection

Taking out a home loan today is far more complex because of the range of products available. Loans need to be structured to fit the individual requirements of each client. Considerations we take into account are:

  • Application, legal valuation fees
  • Ongoing fees
  • Exit fees if applicable
  • Extra / voluntary payments. Try our extra repayments calculator.

Split Loans:

Splitting a loan into a fixed and variable rate may be useful to eliminate the risk of future interest rate rises and also maintaining flexibility to accelerate loan repayments. Split loans are useful particularly for investment loans. A large component of the debt can be fixed interest only, blended with a small line of credit to offset potential loss of rent or unexpected costs.

Investment Loan:

Investment loans can be arranged for purchase of property or shares using the equity in your house as security. Our service compliments your accountant’s advice on where you should consider buying and the type of property to be purchased. The first consideration when investing is to make money, not consider the tax implications. An investment should stand on its own merits.

Property Investment: - take the long term view! Invest for growth.

Shares / Wealth Creation:

• Utilise the equity within your home to create more wealth
• Establish a loan to invest in shares or managed funds.
• We will establish a line of credit to free up those funds..

Negative Gearing:

Negative gearing means purchasing an investment that results in a loss. ie. That is all income is offset by expenses.


Our aim when refinancing is to recover the refinancing costs within the first 12 months. Costs associated with refinancing include:

• Discharge fee
• Re-establishment of loan fee
• Registration of mortgage
• Stamp duty on mortgage (may not apply in every state)
• Early repayment fee
• Break cost if loan is fixed.

If you are considering refinancing, use our service to make the change cost effective to you.

Talk to us to get the loan you are seeking.

Pre – Approval:

When you are in the market place competing with other buyers, preference is given to people who have their finance approved. Use our free service to position yourself to get the upper hand. Pre-Approval’s are generally valid for 6 months.

What is a pre-approval? Lodging a loan application to one of our accredited lenders together with income and savings information to allow the lender to make a credit decision.

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