Steve Marshall

Managing Director (and the original Loan Arranger)

Before Steve Marshall opened the doors of The Loan Arranger on August 1, 1996, he’d spent 30 years in the banking industry, mainly in marketing and business development. He’d also played hockey at an international level, and represented Australia in the 1975 World Cup in Malaysia and the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal.

“My professional and sporting careers instilled in me a sense of determination and commitment; I set myself the highest standards and worked hard to attain them. So, when I made the decision to go out my own, I was confident in my ability, and knew I had the drive and work ethic to succeed.”

Becoming The Loan Arranger was all about timing for Steve. In 1996, Mortgage Brokerage was a niche business, used by the ‘lesser known’ banks to increase their market share. Steve recognised the potential for growth and saw it as an opportunity to pursue a more fulfilling career.

“I have always enjoyed communicating with people; listening to their stories and being able use my expertise to assist them with financial matters. In many ways, becoming a broker was a natural progression from my role at the bank, and I was ready for a new challenge.”

Steve applied himself to the task of establishing The Loan Arranger with verve and vitality, working 12-hour days, 7 days a week for 10 years. Such dedication reaped rewards; his reputation grew, and more banks began using mortgage brokerages to sell their products. Consequently, The Loan Ranger grew from one to many, evolving into a dynamic business with 25 staff and a national profile.

“It was around this time we thought about going interstate with The Loan Arranger, but decided, in the end, to consolidate the business in South Australia, where we had an intimate knowledge of the local market.”

Today, Steve heads a team of highly qualified financial professionals, all of whom are very well regarded by financial institutions and, just as importantly, their clients.

“The brokerage world has changed a lot in the last 20 years. It’s become much more professional and regulated, and it’s no longer seen as niche business. In fact, 55% of people now go through a broker to apply for a loan. But, really, the essence of what we do hasn’t changed – I still see myself as a valuable resource for people embarking upon the journey of buying a home; making sure they plan properly for the future.”

Recognition and Awards
Steve has received national recognition as a leading broker being a finalist in Sales Person of the Year in 2003 and 2004, and in the Top 100 Nationally from 2005-2012.