Beatrice Baumann

After studying Economics at University, Beatrice began working at the National Australia Bank in 1989. She would spend the next fourteen years there, two of them in country South Australia, involved in Retail, Business and Agri-Business banking.

“My feet hardly touched the ground for a while there, but I enjoyed moving from place to place and branch to branch, taking on different roles.”

In 2003, the bank began restructuring. Beatrice was working in job share role at the time, being a mum as well as a banker. Part of the restructuring process was the removal of job sharing, so Beatrice decided to resign.

“I’d just had my third child, so working full time wasn’t an option for me. I used the service of a recruitment agency, and, luckily for me, my agent knew Steve Marshall. Steve was happy for me to come on board and work my own hours, which was great. And the idea of being a broker also appealed – I could get back to face to face client relationships.”

The Loan Arranger gave Beatrice the flexibility to be a mum and a broker. For the next 12 years she managed both very well. Now her children are older, nearly finished school and looking to their own futures, Beatrice is able to dedicate herself full time to the Loan Arranger.

“It’s great. I’m really enjoying what I do – it is so satisfying being able to help people reach their goals. Younger people come to me with little hope of buying a home, but in just about every case, there is a way. What started as a lifestyle choice has turned out to be fantastic career move.”

Beatrice still plays a mum role, but it’s mainly as a supporter of her children’s interests, from calisthenics and dance to soccer.

Bachelor of Economics
Cert IV in Mortgage Broking
Diploma of Financial Services (FMBM)
Advanced Diploma conveyancing