Scott Hastings

Scott began his life in finance as a teller for the Co-op Building Society in 1984. For the next 17 years, Scott worked his way through various roles as CBS became Adelaide Bank and then Bendigo Adelaide Bank.

“I enjoyed working in the bank because it was very customer focused, and interacting with people is something I still very much enjoy. Through my time at the bank, when I became involved in lending and as a Branch Manager, I was always hands on and reachable.”

As the bank went through various transformations, it became more rigid and streamlined, and this made it harder for Scott to maintain strong client relationships. He began looking for other opportunities.

“I knew of The Loan Arranger because of the relationship the bank had built with them. They had a very good reputation, and the thought of working for myself, without constrictions and quotas, really appealed.”

The years of experience in lending made the crossover to broking quite smooth, and Scott soon established himself as a highly regarded member of the Loan Arranger team.

“The freedom and flexibility to properly service the needs of my clients is so motivating. For me, it’s about providing people with the best possible outcome. It can be challenging, but it’s very rewarding discovering ways to help people live their dreams.”

Scott carries this sense of discovery and dreams to his role as Director of the STEM Cell Foundation, and not-for-profit organisation that introduces children from Year 6 onwards to the many possibilities Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics can bring.

“It’s a really fundamental part of education and our future as a smart country and advanced economy – there is so much potential here, and young people are so intuitive. There is a lot of interest in what we are doing, and more girls are participating, which is really encouraging.”

Scott used to assist the reserves coach at Woodville/West Torrens Football Club and was team manager for several years with the SAAFL State Team. These days, he enjoys just watching the game.
He has also been treasurer for Western Magic Basketball Club and Chairperson of St Joseph’s Primary School, Hindmarsh.

“I guess it’s in my nature to embrace things that are purposeful and worthwhile – being a broker fits very comfortably in that space.”

Diploma of Financial Services
Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management