About Us

In the beginning.

house keysThe Loan Arranger Mortgage Brokerage was established by Steve Marshall in 1996. Back then, brokering was an emerging industry, and the big banks pretty much processed all their home loans internally. But times were changing, and they began to realise it was more cost effective to outsource the writing of their loans to a third party.

Steve was one of the first mortgage brokers. He was soon joined by other experienced ex-bankers looking for a more dynamic outlet for their talents. As the financial industry evolved, so did The Loan Arranger. By the early 2000s, the business had become one of the largest brokerages in South Australia and gained national recognition.

Why we thrived.

We thrived because we maintained close relationships with our clients, and provided them with ongoing service and advice. We got to know our clients, put ourselves in their place and acted on their behalf, finding the best way to fulfil their goals. And we also understood the individual nature of each loan – the variety of circumstances that can affect qualification or the amount an individual can borrow.

Basically, we knew our stuff. We impressed our clients. They told their friends and family. Our name and reputation grew, and The Loan Arranger became a highly regarded brokerage business.

Business today.

There was a time when The Loan Arranger could have gone national, but we decided to stay in South Australia and concentrate on the local marketplace, with all its quirks and nuances. We haven’t regretted that decision for one moment, because business today is just as dynamic and challenging as it has ever been.

Today, around 55% of lending is done through a broker, allowing more financial institutions to become part of the lending landscape. There is greater competition, and we are able to choose from more products than ever before.

The industry has also become a lot more regulated. All our brokers are qualified, accredited and licenced – we’re motivated individuals who keep our fingers on the pulse of all things lending. We are members of the Mortgage Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) and the Dispute Resolution Authority, and are fully insured. You couldn’t be in more professional hands.

Since its inception, The Loan Arranger has written over $3 billion worth of loans, and is one of the top three brokerages in South Australia.

We are proud to say that a significant majority of our business has been generated through client referrals. We are trusted by them to fully represent their interests, and achieve outcomes that, in most cases, exceed expectations.