Why Us?

Okay, so why us? What makes The Loan Arranger better than another broker?
Well, it’s not one big thing; it’s lots of little things.

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We speak from experience.
We’ve been arranging loans for over twenty years – we know the industry back to front, and have seen just about every kind of client there is to be seen. It all adds up to a vast bank of knowledge that we draw upon to provide individualised service and specialised advice.

We work for you, not the banks.
We don’t do deals with banks – there are no kick-backs or special arrangements in place. Your lender is not one of a few, but one of many – not decided upon until we’ve met you, assessed your situation and found the loan that best fits your requirements. See Our Lenders here.

We do the right thing.
It sounds cheesy, but we actually care about people, and we advise them accordingly. We don’t take a quick fix or easy option – we do our due diligence for each and every client, because no-one is the same, and no-one’s circumstances are the same. And we never arrange loans for people who can’t afford them.

We do a lot of running around.
Why The Loan ArrangerThere’s a perception that our role is just of a facilitator – get the contract signed, take the commission, and see you later. Wow – if only! In reality, there is a lot of running around, chasing up and arranging stuff. If you’ve ever tried getting someone at the bank to speak to you or call you back, you’ll know what we’re talking about – they’re just not geared for anything that’s out of the ordinary. And we expect ‘out of the ordinary’ every time. Believe us, we save you heaps of time and a lot of frustration.

We save you money.
Now that’s what you wanted to read. We arrange loans that are tailored to your individual needs, allow you to reach your goals sooner and, ultimately, save you money. And we don’t charge you anything!

Most of our new clients approach us on the recommendation of existing clients. We are even starting to see the children of our long-term clients. And they come from all parts of Australia – for all kinds of property loans.