Loan Arranging

People come to The Loan Arranger because they have a plan to borrow money. It seems quite straight-forward to them – sign up with the bank that has the lowest interest rate. Well, there’s a bit more to it than that.

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Think of a loan as a financial journey you’re embarking upon, one that may last 30 years. You need to be prepared for the adventure – it takes thorough planning and a lot of arranging before you sign up for what lays ahead. This is where The Loan Arranger makes a big difference.

Loan ArrangingWe get to know you, and what you’re looking to achieve. We assess your income, assets, future earning capabilities and the lifestyle you’re hoping to maintain. As you would imagine, we see a lot of people in different stages of life, with wide-ranging financial credentials and all kinds of aspirations. Our skill is in being able to bring all these variables together into a loan proposal the banks will accept and, more importantly, one you can manage and afford.

For us, it’s not about arranging a loan at any cost. It’s about protecting your interests by identifying risks, investigating tax implication and planning for the future.

Whether you are a first homebuyer, a property investor, or preparing for retirement, The Loan Arranger will help you achieve your goals. We bring peace of mind through guidance and understanding.